Please note that there are several steps to be completed before sending a targeted message for sources created on the WordPress platform:

  • Download and install the Notix plugin for your WordPress site. You can download the plugin in zip file format by following this link. Read about how to configure it in this article.

  • Create a new post or update one of the existing ones. To do this, select the "Posts" tab in the main menu of your WordPress admin panel, click on one of your previously created posts (if you want to send a targeted message for it), or add a new one.

  • When creating or updating an post, pay attention to the special Notix plugin window located in the upper right corner of the post's creation/editing page. Select the "Send Push" option to link this post to further targeted messages in Notix.

  • Make sure the plugin has the correct App ID and API token, which you can get in Notix personal account (in the "Integration" section on the tag settings page and in the "API Access" in Notix personal account, accordingly).

Please note that you can only work with one tag. If you need to send messages using different tags created for the same site, you can do it one by one, waiting until the previous messages are complete. However, we recommend working with one tag, selecting the best set of targetings for it.

  • Create a new message in the Notix personal account, select the tag with the ID you entered in the corresponding plugin field as the source and use the link of the created/updated WordPress post as the Target URL (see step 2).

  • Setup is complete!

If you have any questions or need help with the setup process please email us at

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