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How to install Notix WordPress Plugin?
How to install Notix WordPress Plugin?
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You can download it from the following link:

If you haven’t joined NOTIX yet, please sign up at NOTIX to proceed (, add your website as a source and generate a tag to take an app id from it.

Step by step integration guide of the Notix WP Plugin:

1. Our plugin can be installed through the admin panel of your WordPress website. Please go to Plugins section in the left sidebar.

2. Select "Add new":

3. Click on Upload Plugin and then Choose file. For the file please select the archive that you downloaded from the Dropbox link provided in the beginning of the instruction.

4. Then you go back to plugins, find Notix there and click on the 'Activate' button:

5. Then the integration follows:

Here you will need to put the App ID (which you have in the tag created in the Notix dashboard) and the API token (feel free to find it in the API Access tab of your Notix account).

Here is an example. Please note that App ID will be different in your case (as it’s a unique ID), you can always find it in your account - on the tag settings page:

API token can be created here:

Name your token, copy it and insert in the Notix API Token field of the WordPress plugin:

Once you pass these steps, please make sure that the tag is placed and that subscribers are collected to Notix.

If you need any assistance feel free to send us a message via

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