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How to work with retargeting pixels?
How to work with retargeting pixels?
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Retargeting pixel is a tool which will help you to separate users into audiences when they visit particular website pages that contain certain pixels that you have placed in there.

Pixel is a small URL which should be shown to a user directly in the browser (i.e. it’s built into some page of your website).

Firstly, you have to create the audience for which you will be generating a pixel. Go to the "Audiences" section. If you do not have any audiences yet, your page will look like this.

P.S. You may have audiences in this section, if you have been using the "Categories" checkbox subscription prompt on your website. Learn more about this type of prompt in this instruction.

Click on the "Create audience" button and name the audience as you need. Mind the recommendations on naming. This field cannot be empty.

Once your audience is created, you will also see it in the list of your audiences.

Now you can create a retargeting pixel!

Go to the "Retargeting pixels" menu section. Before you create any pixels, your page will look like this:

Click on the "Create retargeting pixel" button. You will see this pop-up window, in which you need to fill in the information for your future pixel.

Select the audience you’d like to include and/or exclude. You will not be able to create the pixel in the following cases:

  • audience to add and audience to exclude are the same

  • there are no added, nor excluded audiences.

If you’d like to create a pixel for the audience you have just created, make it the following way:

There are 2 types of statuses for your pixels - active and inactive. If you’d like your pixel to start working right away, leave the default active status which is suggested in the window.

Click on "Create pixel" and now it is ready and you will see it in the list like this:

If you need to edit your pixel, click on "Edit" button, you will see the settings in the slider on the right like this:

To start working with your Retargeting pixel, put it in the code of the page where you’d like to assign your push subscribers to the created audience. Use the “Copy” button to make sure that you have the complete URL of your pixel:

After copying the retargeting pixel URL from the dashboard, put it to the website the following way:

create html tag img, in attribute src of which please put the copied URL, like this:

<img src="copied_URL" />

Then put it to those pages where you need the retargeting pixel to work.

When you have audiences collected by the pixel, you can also use them as a separate targeting when creating your push notification:

If you have any questions on Retargeting Pixels, please let us know in a live chat or at

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