Categories check-box prompt is one of the available prompts in Notix dashboard with which you can split users into audiences right on the event of subscription.

Once you select the category check-box type of prompt, you will see the 2 fields to fill information in: Audience name and Label on the prompt window.

Audience name: write here how you would like to name the audience for yourself. This information will not be visible for the user once he subscribers to notifications on your website / landing page.

Label on the prompt window: write here information that you want the user to see on the prompt.

Each time you add new lines (audience name + new label) the script is changing. Keep in mind, that if your tag has already been placed on your website / landing page, you will have to copy it again from the dashboard and change accordingly, to support the latest implemented changes.


Here is how the dashboard looks when you create several audiences and labels for them:

And here, marked in red, you can see the updates, which happened in the tag, once these new pairs of audience name and label have been saved.

Implemented settings are reflected the following way on the website:

By default all of the created audiences are checked.

User can leave them checked and get at the same time to all of the audiences that you have created, or can select as many as he finds relevant for him. If the user doesn’t select some particular category on the prompt, you will not be able to target him inside this particular category.

If you need any help on setting the category check-box prompt, please get in touch with us at and we will assist.

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