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How to automate notifications with RSS feed?
How to automate notifications with RSS feed?
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If you have RSS feed on your website it is a great opportunity for you to automate sending of push notifications.

There are 3 different possibilities how you can use your RSS feeds with Notix:

  • make integration through Zapier (let us know your login in Zapier and we will help you with the set up);

  • make integration through Integromat;

  • use Notix RSS feature in the platform.

Automation of RSS feeds within Notix platform can be done on the separate page of message creation (which you can find through Integrations / RSS on this page) or in the left side menu under the Notifications.

Click on Create RSS button to go to the RSS feed integration form:

Once you get to the page of RSS set up it will look like this for you:

  1. Paste your RSS URL and click on the 'Ok' button. Our system will fetch the materials from your latest article in the RSS feed and will suggest you to send it as a push.

    You will see the following parameters - do not change anything in them, they are set up automatically.

  2. Check the preview. RSS checker selects icon and image from materials on your website. Title and description for push notification are also taken right from the latest article.

  3. If you like how notifications look on preview, put other settings for the message as required and click on the 'Integrate RSS' button in the bottom of the page.

Automatically Notix will be checking your RSS feed every hour. If there is a new article in your RSS feed, Notix will create a push notification and send it to your users.

If you have any issues using RSS feeds with Notix, please get in touch with us at

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