How to make a parallel test?
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Parallel testing of Notix is a feature that will help you to see the advantages and functionalities of Notix without removing your integration with your current push notifications provider. This method will not transfer your database to NOTIX – it will only help you collect subscribers in 2 services at the same time.


  1. Upload all your service workers to the website root directory with their original names. NOTIX service worker is always called sw.enot.js

  2. Place your current provider script as it is (or if you already have it in your website – do not change anything in it).

  3. Place a special NOTIX script with your APP ID. To get your app id, please generate a tag in Notix dashboard and take it from the script that you get there

Note: parallel testing feature is opened by request, please get in touch with your manager or support team ( to get the tags.

How it works:

Your current integration stays the major, as you do not have to remove these scripts - subscription prompts and other settings that you already had in your current integration remain in place.

Each user that agrees to receive notifications will be counted at the same time in 2 accounts - your current Push Service account and the one that you’ll have in Notix. Notix counts new subscribers better, this is why even on a daily basis you will see that in Notix you get more subscribers. Then you can send notifications to this user from both platforms and make sure of the advantage of delivery rate.

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