You will need 2 elements to integrate Notix to your traffic source. A tag (script) and a service worker (js file).

The service worker file should be put into the root directory of your website / landing page and be available at You can always download it from the dashboard. The files must be served with a content-type of application/javascript; charset=utf-8.

The tag should be put in the head section.

Before downloading the tag from the dashboard, please make sure that you have applied all of the needed settings:

  • sending a welcome message (the default message which is sent to your subscribers right after they agree to receive notifications from your website/landing page). By default this feature is off for subscribers, but if you want to make the subscription process more user friendly, you can turn it on;

  • type of prompt. There are several types of subscription prompt available in the dashboard. Native window, also known as 1 click subscription, will ensure the higher conversion rate (traffic to subscribers). Also you can turn on the Slider, Bell or Category check box prompt (more on check box prompt can be found in this article);

  • delay before showing the subscription prompt in seconds (if needed).

When you apply any of those functions, the tag is changing. So if you have downloaded the tag firstly, and then made adjustments to the functionality (for example, you removed the delay in seconds), please download the tag once again.

Once you are sure that all needed settings have been applied in the dashboard, please download your tag. We recommend copying the tag by the special copy button, which you will see in the dashboard.

To sum up, if you have the tag in the head section of your website / landing page and if the service worker is put in the root directory, you will see the subscription window on your source. Now you are ready to collect subscribers with Notix!

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