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How to send a targeted message?
How to send a targeted message?
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When sending a message to your subscribers a correct targeting is one of the keys to successful engagement.

The available targeting options in Notix SSP are the following:

Traffic source - if you have several zones on which you collect subscribers, you can target the specific ones only if you need. If none is selected - the message will be sent to all users collected on your account.

Title and description of web push notification are mandatory. We recommend a maximum of 30 symbols for title and 40 for description.

Creatives of your message can be provided in 2 ways.

1) Files upload:

Please mind the recommended size of the images, if they exceed the limit - dashboard will suggest you how to crop it.

2) Writing URLs for your creative:

You can also choose whether you want to target specific users or send a message to all subscribers.

If you don't activate the following toggle it means that you don't specify any targetings and your message will be sent to all subscribers of the selected source:

Activating this toggle, you can include or exclude targeting by:

  • country

  • region

  • city

  • platform

  • OS

  • device

  • browser

  • browser language

  • audiences

  • subscription date (learn more about subscription date targeting in this article).

We are constantly adding more targeting options, if there is something that you would like to see among our targeting options, please let us know at

If you want to send the message right away, please click on the “Send message” button. If you don't want to send the message right now and you feel the need to correct something before doing so, save the message as a draft by clicking on a corresponding button and get back to it later at the “Notifications” menu section.

If you want to speed up the process of push creation, try the 'Fast push creation' feature, described in this article.

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