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How to use targeting by subscription date?
How to use targeting by subscription date?
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Targeting by subscription date is the feature that allows you to send your message not to all active subscribers at the same time but only to those who have subscribed to your notifications in a certain period of time.

You can use this targeting option for both including and excluding the dates.

The targetings by subscription date is located below other targeting options on the page of message creation. It is called "Subscription date".

You can use the presets of the system as shown on the screenshot below.

Or you can click on “Custom” and put in another targeting if needed. You will have 2 additional custom options there:

  • subscription days ago: to target the floating period of subscription in days and hours

  • subscription date range: to target certain calendar dates and hours

Example 1:

If you want to target subscribers who have subscribed from 10 to 5 days ago, place the number of dates the following way in the dashboard:

Example 2:

If you want to target only those subscribers, who agreed to receive notifications yesterday, use it like this:

Example 3:

If you want to target the subscribers that came on the certain date range, select the required dates in the calendar. Your setting will look then the following way:

If you use this function together with repeated messages (learn more about repeated messages set up in this article), keep in mind that the subscription date targeting will adjust to it.

Example 4:

If you decide to repeat your message everyday, here is how the settings will react:

  • subscription days ago: the selected amount of days since subscription happened will be floating together with the date of message sending.

  • subscription date range: if you select the particular date of the subscription, every time the message is repeated, the same date of subscription will be targeted.

Please note the same settings can be applicable for selecting hours instead of days.

If you have any questions about the "subscription date" targeting options set up, please contact our team at

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