When setting up the tag in Notix dashboard you have the setting of turning on/off the welcome push notification. This setting looks like this:

By default, sending of welcome message is off, but you can turn it on by adjusting the setting this way:

The default welcome message would say "Thank you for subscribing".

If you want to customize the welcome message and have your own texts, icon and image in there, please follow the next steps:

  • create a message through "Send message" button, just as if you would be sending to your subscribers;

  • change the name from “New message” to “Custom welcome message” for your future convenience;

  • select the source, text, title, icon, image and Target URL as usual. You can check how your future welcome message would look like in the preview section on the right;

  • save this message as a draft;

  • tell us the ID of this message (take it from the notifications list here https://app.notix.co/messages) via email support@notix.co or in a live chat;

  • and our team will note that this is your custom welcome message to subscribers and will be sending it to all your new subscribers right after they agree to receive notifications from your website.

In case of questions on this setting, please don’t hesitate to reach out at support@notix.co or via live chat.

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