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How to customize the welcome message?
How to customize the welcome message?
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When setting up the tag in Notix dashboard you have the setting of turning on/off the welcome push notification. This setting looks like this:

By default, sending of welcome message is off, but you can turn it on by adjusting the setting this way:

The default welcome message would say "Thank you for subscribing".

If you want to customize the welcome message - you can put your own text, description, icon and image just like for any push notification that you will be sending to your subscribers afterwards.

The form for customization would look like this:

And on the right side of the screen you can also check the preview of this message. It will be then sent to all new subscribers on your app_id, for which this sending is implemented.

Please note that welcome message is the one time notification, which arrives after the user has subscribed. For engagement of users with following push notifications, please click on “Send message” and create your notifications via this basic form.

In case of questions on this setting, please don’t hesitate to reach out at or via live chat.

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