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How to set up TTL for your message?
How to set up TTL for your message?
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TTL - time-to-live - is the setting by which you can regulate the time of message life in Google FCM. By default, the message can be held by Google FCM for 3 days. If the user wasn’t online right at the time when you sent the message, he can receive it later when he gets online during those 3 days.

You can set up a custom TTL for your message in Notix platform via special setting in the page of message creation.

If you set up a custom TTL (minimum 1 hour) then by the end of this time the system will no longer try to deliver this message to subscribers. The setting is done in minutes, for example: 1 day is 1440 minutes, so if you want the message to expire in 1 day, put 1440 in the empty field.

This setting is particularly useful for messages with precise time content. For example, betting for a football match which will start in an hour and will last for a couple more hours - once the game is finished, the push notification content will no longer be relevant for the recipient.

TTL does not remove the notification from the device once it has been received.

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