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How to analyze message status?
How to analyze message status?
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Each message has its own status in the "Messages" section of the menu.

The main ones are: draft, sending, paused, done

Draft status means that your message has been saved in our system, but your subscribers are not receiving it yet. At this stage you can correct the parameters of the message. When ready to send the draft message, click on the Start button near the status or on the page of the message creation / editing.

Sent status means that the Notix system is still delivering the message. 90% of users receive the message at the same date as the message was created. However, since some users that you wanted to target may not be online at the time when you send the message, our system makes sure that the message is indeed delivered and saves up to 6 days to keep “sending” status. If you state the certain expiration date for your message, Sent status will be updated according to it.

Also, you can always check statistics by particular Message ID and sort it by Date to see the dynamics.

Paused status means that messages are not delivered at the moment to the subscribers, though the sending is not considered as “done” yet. This status will appear if you put the message on pause in the platform. You can press the Start button and resume sending of this message to subscribers that were initially targeted.

If you have used the setting of repeating your message in a certain period of time, your message will have the Regular status. Regular messages can only be corrected while they are in Draft or Scheduled status. Once the 1st push from the Regular message is sent to subscribers and Regular status in place, there is no option for correction. If changes are required, put this Regular message on pause, copy it, and make the changes in the copy. The corrected message will now have the new ID and will be seen separately in the notifications list.

Learn more about setting repeating messages in this article.

If you have created the message that will be sent automatically later at the assigned time, while the message is waiting to be sent it will have 'Scheduled' status. What you can do with a message in 'Scheduled' status:

  • press Play to send the message right away. In this case the scheduled time will be ignored;

  • correct the message before it’s sent. When the message goes to 'Sending' status you will not be able to apply any corrections to its settings;

  • pause. If you press Pause for the scheduled message, it will not be sent. This is equal to cancellation.

Done status means that our system has reached all active subscribers with the message that you sent and the process is complete. If you wish to send this message once again, you can copy it and press Start - the new message will get the new ID and it's status will be tracked separately.

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